What makes us officially the Best Dental Clinic in AJMAN stand apart from other dental clinics? It’s the sheer dedication we have to our patients in ensuring a never-before-seen level of care and service. At our dental clinic, we’re not only focused on the beauty and health of your mouth, but we’re committed to the well-being of your entire body. When a patient comes into our clinic, we expect them to expect more because that’s what we deliver on a daily basis—a level of exceptional care. We always go the extra mile and as a result, people across the entire Dubai region of UAE and around the world choose us.

Tests And Treatments

We provide a range of tests and treatments that you might be looking for. Our advanced tools and state of the art machinery ensure the best available medical services right now. Check these below.


  • Scaling and Polishing $26.95
  • Whitening $271.98
  • Veneers $1,524.37
  • Crown $136.13
  • Filling $68.06
  • Root canal $400.00
  • SURGICAL TOOTH Extraction $136.13
  • Consultation $40.84

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